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Chartreuse hills, morning fog, freeways and family welcome me home. I've been back in the Bay for a week now and it feels so good. As expected, I've fallen into a few of my old habits like going to bed early and waking up late, procrastinating on work deadlines, and forgetting I like to cook because I let my mom make me meals instead. Today, I started an online journalism class (First Amendment) so I can graduate on time in May. As I was listening to a video lecture, I clicked around and found a few worth-while reads:

Places to check out in San Francisco including the LSD Museum (what the) and Four Barrel Coffee
New rules of fitness to follow in the new year
Ten best books of 2014 from The Washington Post
Bueno Bueno — a blog by two sisters from Houston
Popular recipes to try out when I have authority over a kitchen again

It might be the last time I can enjoy the comforts of home like this so I've made a top ticket list of places I must see in the area before I head back to Kansas:

Explore new places in San Francisco (hence the perusing above)
Hike Mt. Diablo and Rock City
Visit Little Yosemite in Sunol
Hit up the new Sideboard location
Drive I-17 to Santa Cruz
Go wine tasting in Napa

Somewhere, I have a list of places I must see in the U.S. but I'm also planning a trip to Europe. 
Any must-see places you can recommend?

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