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Photos by George Mullinix |
Feature article that appeared in The University Daily Kansan's "Day in the Life" section. Visit the link to view the full article. View my full portfolio here

As Andrew Vogel flicks a 6-foot graphite rod effortlessly over his shoulder, yellow fishing line follows the motion of his arm, unfurling over Lake Henry’s surface.
Vogel’s fingers were almost too stiff from the cold to tie a fuzzy fly to the end of his fishing line. It was a 20-degree Friday afternoon in November, one year since Vogel visited the Lawrence lake’s shore for a game of catch and release.
“It's very zen and very introspective and contemplative,” Vogel said.
“It's a good thing to get out and hang out alone on some water.”
He left that evening with an empty net but planned to hunt whitetail deer the next day in Coffey, Miss. This type of weekend Vogel looks forward to most.
Vogel, a fifth-year senior, grew up in the mountainous terrain of Greenwood Village, Colo. Even without peaks in Lawrence, he’s been able to maintain an outdoor lifestyle for the last five years.
“When you have access to mountains like that all the time, you just do everything there is to offer,” he said. In Kansas, “you have to look harder, but it's still out here.”

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