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A man, a stranger in fact, told me recently that I am in the most exciting time of my life. While I wiped down menus behind a hostess stand, he grabbed a mint and I asked him if he was ready for the new year. How could I not be, he replied, not as a question but as a frank statement. The new year is inevitable and will unfold whether we're ready or not. I chatted with the man for a minute and somehow, I ended up telling him I would graduate in May, whether I'm ready or not. That's when he told me to embrace this season of life. He left the restaurant and I continued to wipe menus in thoughtful solitude until the next party of two arrived.

While I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, I am all for reflection and looking forward to new beginnings. I think this might be one of the most terrifying years ahead. It will be full of the unknown. That's what's terrifying. While I can't say yes, I will indeed be running everyday, eating healthfully and spending my money wisely, I know that I will be challenged to be better in certain areas of my life. I vow to:

Simplify the unimportant details in life starting with my closet
Embrace vulnerability as an essential part of connection
Have the courage to be imperfect
Face the discomforts of change and the unknown
Believe that authenticity is freedom
Compare myself to no one

Everyone is making numbered lists for the new year (Top 40 songs of 2014, Fifteen ways to make your year brighter, blah blah blah), but I just want to stick to principles to enrich life for years to come. I found many of these ideas on a recent Ted Talks playlist, which I have been ravenously clicking through. Yes, I want to read more books and watch more movies and spend less money in 2015, but I said that last year too. Can I be satisfied with improving my wellbeing instead of numbering my accomplishments,
failures and movies watched?

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