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Convict Lake || Mono County, CA

Around my favorite lake, there is a three mile gravel trail. On the opposite end is a beach where my family has picnicked and where we've cast out our lines with fresh power bait encrusted with specks of glitter. We've never had good luck here but we keep going back. Sometimes, we'll bring our orange Ocean Kayaks and my brother and I forget about fish, or lack thereof, as we paddle around, battling the wind. 

My parents hike the trail and if you keep walking past the coves of beaches, you'll come across a wooden-slatted bridge. When the snowfall from Mt. Morrison melts, the creek runs fast underneath, and sometimes over, the walkway. I can remember dangling my feet off the edge into the frigid water many times. Once you're off the bridge, the trail opens up to a grove of aspens, green and lush. Wind rustles their leaves and the patch makes for a little, overgrown oasis in the rugged terrain of shale and craggy peaks above. We've spotted white tailed deer laying in the shaded grass, cool to the touch. They're luck to call it home. Where's your oasis?

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