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Happy 2015!

What a year.

Reflecting on 365 days is overwhelming. It was a tough year, not smooth and without bumps like in the past, but full of incredible change and memories. Here are some highlights:

Survived my first Kansas winter
Fell in love with the town of Lawrence
Attended my first wedding
Lived alone for the first time this summer
Visited Colorado where I tried sushi for the first time
Started a collection of personal essays
Turned 21 and discovered my affection for espresso martinis
Led a team of 30 reporters as the news editor
Perfected stir fry
Began freelancing again

Starting the new year with champagne, confetti and good friends ain't so shabby. I can already predict that 2015 will bring more changes (graduation) and adventure (Europe and beyond). I can't wait to share more with you here.

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