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Let's talk about food for a minute. As soon as we are capable of picking up a fork, we learn that being a picky eater is an unfavorable trait. Oh, she's such a picky eater. She barely touched her food. Yeah, sure, at that age Oreos and gobs of peanut butter taste better than mom's baked bell peppers, but eventually we grow out of that. Eventually we learn that a balanced meal keeps us strong and healthy, and sometimes vegetables can taste good. We're fortunate enough to have fresh produce and working kitchens. So go ahead and press on the skins of every avocado in the pile until you find the right one. I won't judge. 

At brunch this morning, my dad was critical of his meal. I thought, that's okay. I'm the same way. I don't think being a selective eater is a bad thing. If we're putting it into our bodies and if we're paying for it, we should expect quality. What we fill our fridges with is no different. Since living on my own, I've discovered the joy of cooking. I like to make stir fry and hearty salads and soups. I've had several food failures but it has made me appreciate and value what I purchase from the grocery store. I bought the most beautiful heirloom cherry tomatoes last month. They were hues of yellow, red and green and they tasted just as excellent as they looked. Organic really does make a difference. This winter, I hope to pay more attention to what I eat, not because I'm a total health nut (though I would consider that a compliment), but because I value my body enough to care what goes inside. Here are a few links that have shaped my thoughts on food: 

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