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My parents say if we would have stayed in San Diego, I would have turned into a little grom. I like to think I still have some in me and maybe that's from spending many summers camping on the bluffs of New Brighton State Beach, about seven miles south of Santa Cruz. I returned on Thursday for the last sight of ocean before I head back to the prairie. I didn't realize how much I had missed the beach. I missed the way sand sticks to everything and how salty air smells. I like that anything goes as far as fashion, and anything really, including ripped leggings and an oversized flannel which I wore proudly. A trip to the ocean is a cure for anything. Having been so many times, Tara and I knew how we wanted to spend our time. Here's where we went:

West Cliff where there's the Surfing Museum and views of surfer babes
Samba Rock Acai Cafe for a bowl of fruit and granola
Falafel of Santa Cruz for Mediterranean snacks
Downtown where my favorite stops were Verve Coffee and Sockshop
Seabright State Beach where we spent hours watching the waves
A scenic drive through forests to the town of Felton
99 Bottles for food and a pint of Mendocino Brewing's Eye of the Hawk
Marianne's Ice Cream where it's now tradition to stop here

And finally, a few inspirational quotes from the day.

Even a doorknob can make a difference, seen on the side of a truck
Have you ever met a real-life, pretend psychic? Well now you have, said by a man in tie-dye
Any clever word can start an unsuspecting herd, seen written in chalk

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  1. My new life motto, "Even a doorknob can make a difference." :)
    I love your style of writing! You're very talented! Keep it up!



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