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Oakland normally isn't at the top of my list of destinations but I wanted to stop in the artsy Temescal District, made up of eclectic specialty shops. The first time I visited the alley, tucked off 49th and Telegraph streets, was a few years back during an internship with Diablo Magazine to check out Doughnut Dolly and Marisa Haskell, two shops featured in the magazine. I was happy to see both places still thriving alongside the other pop-ups.

A few of my other favorites:
Crimson Horticulture Rarities, full of lush greenery
Book/Shop, where I bought a 1976 edition of the New Yorker
Esqueleto, a desert-inspired jewelry curation

Last time, a vegan tamale stand drew a crowd outside but it wasn't there so we grabbed top-notch fish tacos at Cholita Linda across the street. It was a tough choice between a few other cafes and Homeroom, a mac and cheese restaurant, which has been a recommendation from friends and garners outstanding reviews. It used to be on Telegraph but moved nine blocks to 40th nearby SubRosa Coffee, pictured in my Instagram photos. Take a tour of my day through these photos! 

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