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And just like that, four weeks. Hello again. It's lovely to be back. Do you ever have days you wish would never end? An incredible sense of peace fell over me today and I wanted to preserve it for as long as possible. The last few days have been especially chaotic with meetings and classes and other responsibilities, not much different from what everyone else is dealing with. Things just seem to stack up and I feel as 
though I'm tumbling headfirst. 

Today was different. During my hours of peace, I remembered how fortunate I am to be in this time — surrounded by people I love and working on projects I care about. This time of rest seemed to redeem yesterdays worries. My soul has been renewed. Take time to breathe and reflect this weekend. Cheers.

listening to podcasts Call Your Girlfriend and This American Life
learning about Kansas legislation like this, this and this
craving the waffles from Decade daily
celebrating Galentine's day with cheesy cards and craft beer
counting down the days to spring break in Portland (28) 
anticipating season three of House of Cards

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