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Dearest reader,

Etching my curiosities, dreams and struggles into a sheet of paper is better for me than any kind of therapy I can think of. There's something honest and vulnerable about articulating those thoughts ricocheting in my lonely mind. To then share it with someone else as a letter is a way of opening my heart even more. Okay, so that was more reflective than what I had planned to write for a post about making envelopes, but I think writing letters today is just as emotional than it used to be if not more precious.

To discover a hand-addressed envelope in the mailbox among bills and advertisements is a gift in itself. Why not dress it up with patterned paper? I printed out this template to trace onto scrapbook paper. Then, I cut it out and made sharp folds for the seams. To secure the corners, I used
an adhesive tape, but glue or rubber cement will also do.

For me, it's few and far between to sit down and write two pages to faraway friends but when I do, there's a tall stack awaiting their day to be filled and handled with care.

With love, Amelia.

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