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Plants placed around my little apartment make the rooms come alive. I feel less lonely when there's a cactus sitting on the corner of my desk or an aloe plant in the center of my kitchen table (also good for when I burn myself on the oven). When I can't always be outside, I bring it inside. As much as I like to be surrounded by greenery, I've learned I'm not very skilled at keeping plants alive. One potted plant with pretty vines died. I moved it from my bookshelf indoors to my porch railing outdoors where wind has since blown it onto the porch floor and I haven't gotten around to picking it up yet or examining its condition. Low maintenance is more my speed. I want a plant that will forgive me when I forget to water it for three days and won't wilt when I forget to leave the blinds open while I'm away. My boyfriend, Steve, gifted me with an orchid the other day and I'm almost afraid of how delicate it is. I have a post it note with special care instructions beside it but even
that can't save it from its likely demise.

With a simple search, I found several laid back plants that just want to
bring joy to your home (from left to right):

1 // Snake plant
2 // Rubber plant 
3 // Cactus
4 // Pothos
5 // Umbrella tree
6 // Air plant

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