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My very good friend Rachel (middle) came to see me a few weeks ago, equipped with her fancy GoPro. I'm sold. I considered getting one in the past but fiscal responsibilities and my impatience with gadgets burst that dream bubble. With all the possibilities though, it's back on my wish list.

Rachel and I essentially celebrated our friendsiversary — we met as staff at a house boating camp in NorCal two years ago. This marked her second visit to Kansas, both times to see me, and I told her to spread the word about how trendy it is here hoping to wipe away any preconceived notions about the Midwest. Being California grown, I know how easy it is to live in the West Coast bubble.

Another beautiful reunion occurred that weekend. Emily (right) is my other friend who now lives in Denver and I hadn't seen her for a whole year. The collision of two amazing people made for a happy few hours spent exploring West Bottoms, Missouri during the flea market.

Here are a two of the gems we loved most:

That day, Blip, an emerging coffee roaster, handed us free samples of brew. We obliged. They set up shop on the first floor of one of the industrial warehouses, an airy space with the natural features of the building exposed. Colorful Missouri license plates, a refurbished coffee machine, raw wood and a wall of merchandise made up the decor. It looked as if the bearded owner had just hopped off his motorcycle to run his hands through his hair and get to work.

My other favorite was Bella Patina. For months now, I've been following their Instagram. Inventory ranges from revived furniture to antique collectibles and housewares. This visit, I sifted through a basket of name patches and found one with my boyfriend's name, which I mailed to him soon after. If you're in the market for anything, I bet you'll find it here. My suggestion though — arrive with a clear idea of what you need. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the little treasures spread over three levels.

Blue skies, brick backdrops and good company characterized the weekend.

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