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You can't tell but we're actually sweating profusely. On this fine, hot Saturday, Subha and I planned a daytime adventure. We started out at our favorite wall in Lawrence. Red brick will always be a classic backdrop. Would you agree? Finding solace in an air conditioned restaurant, we then munched on summer salads and gulped ice water. Stay inside if you can, friends.

Can I just say, isn't Subha just the cutest? My dear friend is revamping her blog to focus on fashion. Give it a peek! She inspires me to care about the details of an outfit, mix prints and textures and feel comfortable dressed up. Oh, and she just discovered she's one of the few people who looks fabulous in hats (see below).

Every other item in my closet is black. Pastel floral overalls are a long stretch from normal for me and when I saw the pair hanging on their wooden hanger, I almost passed them up. But Subha gently reminded me black is already abundant in my wardrobe, as I began navigating toward the more neutral part of the store. Thanks to her, I nabbed this number from Future, a vintage studio in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, Missouri, for a bargain price.

These days, you can find me in running shorts and basic tanks on weekends, but sometimes switching it up makes for a more special occasion. 

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