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Two of what were supposed to be 12 granola bars remained intact from the batch I made earlier this week. It was my first attempt at a homemade granola bar and while it may have failed to stick together, at least I have granola. My advice? Listen to that faint voice telling you to buy extra honey because it might make all the difference, and ignore the louder voice that tells you not to pay the extra $12 for a miniature bottle. Make the splurge.

I keep going back to my fridge to nibble from the bowl, which means I'll likely give this recipe another go. I will never ditch my favorite flavors of Clif Bars and Kind bars, but there's something rewarding about making my own. Mixing the dried cherries with the toasted pumpkin seeds made me feel like an emerging Gary Erickson.

Here's a roundup of granola bar and granola recipes that I can't promise will result in packageable forms.

1 // Everything energy bars
2 // Candice Kumai's granola bars
3 // Cranberry chocolate granola bars
4 // Cherry-chocolate peanut butter bars
5 // Rose petal granola
6 // Matcha green granola bars

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