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My default setting is constantly in motion. To sit for extended periods of time causes me more anxiety than having too much to do most of the time. But sometimes, I get a buzzy sensation in my head and tunnel vision and it's a familiar feeling. It's the same feeling I had when I worked three jobs and went to school full time. It means I haven't been conscientious of my wellbeing enough to stop and sip instead of gulp the coffee. Eventually, too much productivity is unproductive.

Recently, after work and a commute, I'm finding out how much I appreciate my couch and an easy book or a mellow playlist. No, I still can't commit to shows on Netflix, but in time. I remember a yoga instructor lauding what a 15-minute stretch can do for your body and mind. The answer is wonders. To all you workaholics and busy people, take a moment of solitude. Take a short walk. Lay on the floor. Close your eyes. Turn off your music. Turn on your music. Find something that allows you to escape for a healthy moment or you're going to go bananas like I did.

Peace and blessings.

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