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When I think of bizarre food habits, I think of the woman who carries a mini bottle of hot sauce in her purse or people who prefer pancakes to waffles. As I went for my second spoonful of peanut butter, I realized I probably fall into the same category. In fact, I have a lot of strange eating habits. I guess you could call them preferences. As a runner, recreational boxer and deep thinker, I find myself justifying a few of these things, but nonetheless I know food serves the purpose of keeping my body healthy.

Here are my oddities. What are yours?

1. If I had to eat one food for my entire life, I would choose tacos. Fish tacos, veggie tacos, corn tortilla tacos, Chipotle tacos, street tacos, dollar tacos. You name it.

2. Every day, I eat either a banana or avocado. Sometimes both.

3. You won't find chocolate or ice cream or donuts on my shelves. If you do, I will consume any one of those faster than you could say, "Can I have a piece?"

4. Once, I was allergic to strawberries. But I'm fine now. 

5. I bought my first cookbook this year called Clean Green Eats. By now, I've probably only made 1/4 of the recipes for my unwillingness to buy ingredients like rice vinegar or sake.

6. I indulge in spoonfuls of nut butter. The new favorite is Justin's vanilla almond butter— a company based in Boulder, Colorado. 

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