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I made it. I'm finally a Coloradan, a title I felt I'd one day attain, a title that I hope to 
have for several years. I'm thrilled. I'm eager. I'm anxious. I'm nervous. But also, I'm ready. 

On May 28, in my Honda Civic packed to the roof with boxes and bags and other belongings, I made the 600-mile trek across I-70 from Kansas to the mountains. Entering Boulder, I was welcomed by rocks flanking the horizon and I was reassured even more that I ended up in the right place. I've been told there's no better time to be in Colorado than summer, so I've taken advantage of what there is to offer. Brewery tours, sunrise hikes, scenic drives and Red Rocks concerts have already defined my most recent days.

Up next?
Hike a fourteener (Bierstadt? Mount Evans?) 
Visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve
Camp at St. Mary's Glacier

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