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Something about summer makes it completely acceptable to drink nothing other than kombucha or eat nothing other than popsicles all day. The other night, Steve and I walked to the grocery store for a box of Greek yogurt popsicles and we finished the box of four by the time we got back to my apartment. In Denver and in Boulder, I'm discovering some of my favorite spots and things I can recommend with confidence. Summertime evenings have been especially welcoming to adventuring and I think walks have become one of my favorite things to do to unwind from work.

1 // Uno Mas Taqueria has won my heart. I never fail to order the seasonal fish tacos. The house margaritas aren't so bad either. This place is a few blocks from Steve's place and it's always an option when we're picking somewhere to eat.

2 // Upstart Kombucha is craft brewed right here in Boulder. The first I tried was the berry black flavor at the Laughing Goat Coffeehouse. I must say, I love the shape of the bottle and the chosen fonts. When it was empty, and it was empty fast, I was able to peel the label off easily to repurpose the glass.

3 // Aiko Pops is somewhere I hadn't been until this weekend. It's at the very end of Denver's Old Pearl Street, but definitely not a place to skip. The place smelled like rotisserie chicken when I first walked in, but no, there's no chicken flavor popsicle. I had a blueberry rose pop and their food items also looked appealing.

4 // Big Daddy Bagel's does it right. Big bagels and lots of creamy cream cheese. This was my pre-hike snack before hitting the Chautauqua trails.

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