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I lived 19 years of my life within 45 minutes of the Pacific Ocean and I can count on two hands how many times I've floated on a surfboard (twice in Hawaii) and on one hand how many times I've actually caught a decent wave. But nonetheless, when in California, Steve and I immersed our feet and whole bodies into the cold, salty ocean. It was a Wednesday, so we hoped the crowds would be thinner. Not during California summer. I checked the surf cams before we headed to Capitola to rent foam boards from a beachside tent. Then from there, a 5-minute car ride north took us to 38th Avenue, closer to Santa Cruz. 

Waves were forecast at 2 to 4 feet high, an ideal height for us newbies. And we floated enough away from the crowd of locals wearing waterproof visors and going for waves. I didn't catch one wave and I was content with that. I was satisfied with simply touching the water, steadying myself on the board, hearing the break of waves, watching the seagulls soar above, tasting the salt on my lips and being on vacation with my best friend. We'll give it another go sometimes soon.

The rest of our day in Santa Cruz included street tacos, walking the wharf, visiting the surf museum and having ice cream at the famous Marianne's. 

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