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A five-mile hike doesn't sound like much until you've completed the Twenty Lakes trail. It's no joke. My parents and brother along with me and Steve scrambled over scree, snow banks and ridges on this isolated trail nestled just past Saddlebag Lake near Lee Vining, California. We all agreed to skip the three mile loop around to the backside of that lake, shaving off another full day probably. What gorgeous sights. The craggy russet brown land contrasts with the deep blue lakes, including Hummingbird, Helen and Steelhead. We caught and released three small, golden trout at our first stop while of course inhaling peanut butter filled pretzels and dried mangos. What I love about lure fishing is the motion, somewhat similar to fly fishing, but the mindlessness required. Paying attention is key to avoid hooking trees or humans, but there's this release I get from throwing my line out and reeling it back in. I've been trout fishing since I was four-years-old, out of kayaks, canoes and flat-bottom boats and on shores and rocks, both backcountry and the more populated bodies of water. 

The whole time I think we came face-to-face with two other hikers and while it was somewhat unnerving, the peace was exactly what we all needed. To just be together in the wild was restoring

(Photo courtesy of my beautiful mother, Holley) 

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  1. It's "wild" when you can dress for summer and stand in snow! Beautiful!



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