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Labor Day weekend could not have been more perfectly timed. Thanks, America. I had woken up at 5 a.m. for three days that week and was very in need of rest. But for me, rest always turns into activity because I'm not great at sitting still. Steve, his friend, Matt, and I headed south to Great Sand Dunes National Park early early Saturday, arriving midday to a packed parking lot.The smooth, tanned skin of the curvy sand dunes was like nothing I'd ever seen except maybe in Aladdin or Hidalgo. The piles are what I imagined covered an ornate, ancient palace. 

At the travel stop just before the park, we rented sand boards for $20 each. Essentially, they're wooden planks with handles and a butt pad you sit on to sled down the sand. Slicing through the soft surface and spraying sand on the way down, I don't think I'd reached this level of fun and thrill in a while. The three of us acted like kids finding the steepest hills to spill down and then climbing our way back up. It was worth every grain of sand left in my hair to be found in the following days. 

On BML land just down the road, we claimed camp. After dinner and tracking down firewood in Alamosa, we gathered around a fire, drank canned beer and whiskey, listened to folk music and star gazed. We awoke and set off toward Denver again where we climbed easy in Staunton State Park. 

My peace had been restored because my type of rest isn't sleeping all day or binge watching movies, though those are necessary at times. I find rest in waking up early to be my most authentic self letting go in God's creation. It's what fills me up best. 

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