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When I find something I like, I will run it into the ground until it can't be used anymore. It's not that I don't take care of my stuff. It's just that I over-love my stuff. I have a hole, for example, in the the armpit of one of my sweaters and I will not give up wearing it. And my moleskin notebooks? Those things are tattered past the point of being quaint. 

So here's a post about a few things — both new and old — that've been frequently thrown into my bag, on my feet, onto my counter and in my mug.

1 // Now that it's chilly out, I wear these sand-colored booties probably four times a week. I bought them from Lands' End last year, one of my better footwear investments. They've been through snow, rain, mug, corporate carpet, you name it. I don't think they sell them anymore, but here's a similar style.

2 // It's been sitting on my nightstand most recently, but I've toted around Brendan Leonard's new book Sixty Meters to Anywhere — a signed copy — for weeks in my purse. I'm still not done, but not because it's a slow read. It's because I turn only a few pages each day since I read so much at work. One of my favorite lines so far: "Is it more foolish to risk your life or risk wasting your life?"

3 // OK, so this book hasn't been used nearly as much as the other things on this list...but I know it will. The pages of Flour Water Salt Yeast already have flour and dough bits. I promise I'll have a homemade bread post here soon, once I've made more than two loaves and have a pinch more confidence.

4 // I got these boxes a few weeks ago and they're almost empty. Twice now, I've been to the Celestial Seasonings headquarters in north Boulder for a belly full of tea samples. You get to go wild filling up a little porcelain cup from spigots of tea barrels. 

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