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My brain bucket was delivered to my front porch this afternoon in a perfectly square cardboard box. I tried it on right away, of course, pulling it over my hair and ears, and what do you know? It fits. Ski season is upon us and I'm gearing up just in time. It's been about 5 years since I snowboarded and even then, I didn't own all my own stuff. My family had a makeshift, hand-me-down collection of scarves, gloves, long underwear and hats stuffed into a plastic tub. We'd pull it out maybe three times a year, if that, for a weekend trip up to the snow, to a ski resort within a few hours. Meanwhile, back in the San Ramon Valley, it was a balmy 50 degrees.

In Colorado, it seems ski season is a tad more intense. I understand the stoke and I'm playing right along. I have my ski pass. I have gloves. I have non-gaper goggles. I have a jacket. I'm almost set. But out of the things I still need, a helmet was essential. After a few renditions of searching "best ski helmets 2016," I came across the Bolle Millennium, featured in Outside's 2016 Winter Buyer's Guide. There was one left on Amazon at $73.99. I went for it, and I don't regret it because seeing that square cardboard box and unwrapping the sleek helmet inside brought the snow stoke up a notch. Next, I need pants.

Photo from Bolle

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