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Mimosas won against coffee this weekend when Steve and I visited Alpine Modern Coffee Bar. We looked at the menu, then looked at each other and thought, "why not?" It added a little sweetness and sunshine to our days in addition to Vitamin C. Lately, we've been cutting back the unnecessary sugar we seem to be so good at consuming. We've been going the whole week without indulging in our co-workers candy bowls or eating handfuls of chocolate chips. The past week was less successful, but we have a clean slate again starting today.

Here's a few tips I've learned through it:

1. Drink as much water and tea as possible. Filling your gut with flavorful liqued satisfies that oral fixation. I drink this Celestial Seasoning sugar cookie tea that you'd swear has spoonfuls of sugar in each tea bag. Nope. But the smell is enough.

2. Find natural sugar supplements. An apple. A few dates. A handful of berries. That tea I mentioned.

3. When a co-worker brings in red velvet cake or frosted cookies from the store's sale rack, just think about how bad it'll make you feel and how quickly one piece will disappear. Then, think about the big scoop of ice cream or square of brownie waiting for you on Friday or Saturday. It usually works for me.

4. Tell as many people as possible what you're doing. They'll call you out when they see you try to sneak that little bag of a few M&Ms calling your name. And having an accountability buddy is majorly helpful.

5. Don't feel guilty when you do splurge on the weekends. You're supposed to enjoy it and so it's even sweeter when you don't have to think those additional 400 calories sitting in your belly. Go for it.

6. If you do backslide, just start over. Eat a green bell pepper as punishment. Or just cleanse yourself with healthy carbs and fats instead for the rest of the week until you reach the weekend.

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