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I know it's almost February, so it's a month too late to call it a New Years post, but I thought I'd share the outdoor adventures I hope to fulfill in the next year. I was going through my old iPhone notes and saw a summer to-do list, which I didn't fully complete, but found it entertaining to remember a few things from the warmer months. One of them was "become tan as toast" and I did it, even if you can't tell now. Here's what I hope to do, either in 2017 or in another year:

Get in at least 10 ski pass days (currently at three)
Confidently shred a black diamond run for the first time
Learn how to lead climb, and take it outside
Visit the Grand Tetons on a long weekend
Invest in a road bike, hopefully used
Summit some more fourteeners
Glamp in Steve's Tacoma (again)
Make some bomb dessert over a campfire
Go Class III and IV white-water rafting
Sleep two weekend nights in the backcountry
Run the Bolder Boulder
Go fishing — maybe fly fishing — for Colorado trout
Design and build a bookshelf
Throw a barbecue for my birthday in July

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