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At Breckenridge, there was a moment when Steve and I stopped on a run, where it was just us and the big snowflakes accumulating around us. I'll never forget it. And then somebody flew by on skis and we followed, and I didn't think of the magical moment again until we were driving on I-70 back to Denver. Then I was flooded with appreciation. We are so incredibly lucky to be able to afford ski passes, the right gear, gas to fill the truck and pizza to fill our bellies afterward. Oftentimes, it's so like us to forget this. I find myself thinking more about my frozen toes, when I can pull out my Clif bar, what the people looking down on me from the lift are thinking of me plowing down the mountain. All of that doesn't matter (except maybe your cold toes past a certain point) half as must as remembering to be grateful and bask in creation.

After living for three years in the Kansas flatlands, I'm getting back into snowboarding. It's messy and it's discouraging and it pokes at my pride. I have a purple bruise on my rear more than two weeks after I hit the snowpack. But I'm realizing each weekend that learning is half the fun. To see improvement even after just one day is rewarding. To know that I'll fall less the next time I go is encouraging. So keep at it all my fellow noobies, whether you're the other new snowboarding guy on the ski lift or a brand new climber or wanting to be outdoorsy.

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  1. How appropriate....we often take things for granted and lose appreciation until we suffer loss, and then we remember what we once had! Lovely thoughts!



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