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This story originally appeared in Boulder's Colorado Daily. For the complete story, visit the website. The above photo is from polar adventurer Eric Larsen.
As Colorado campers stuff tents and sleeping bags in closets for the winter, Boulder-based polar adventurer and expedition guide Eric Larsen pulls out a few more layers in preparation for his next low-temp voyage.
"There's no such thing as cold weather — just not enough layers," he said recently, on a day when thermostats hovered around 10 degrees in Boulder.
Larsen, a Midwest native, believes snowy conditions make for the perfect outdoorsman's playground, even for a novice who has only rentals and their parent's borrowed gear on hand.
After college, Larsen migrated to Minnesota — notorious for its bone-chilling weather — where he became a dog musher and started going on Canadian Arctic trips, and now he's planning a trip to Mongolia in February to bike across the Gobi Desert.
But his advice for somebody more accustomed to camping in summer is more modest.
"Start small," he said. "Don't try to do the most epic winter adventure your first time out. It can be overwhelming for people when they can't warm up."
From having "rock hard" frozen boots to being the guy to fall through ice, Larsen has collected several tidbits of expertise to offer those looking to climb out of their heated burrows for a new type of winter experience.

Perks of camping in the snow: 

  • If you get cold, hop in your car.
  • Load all your junk, even nonessentials, on a sled and lug it behind you.
  • You get to cuddle with as many blankets as possible.
  • There's no fight for the best campsite.
  • Bring a frozen, gourmet meal and heat it with some boiling water.
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