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As a 13-year-old from California, I insisted on learning to snowboard when my parents gave me the option of two planks of wood or one. So, despite both my parents being skilled skiers, my brother and I wanted to pretend we were in the X Games. Skiing was for nerds back then. Not anymore. Or maybe it never was that way in Colorado. So now that I'm re-learning how to ride, I sometimes regret the choice I made a decade ago. I'm told often how much easier skiing can be to pick up, yet there I am on the hill, continually landing on my butt and knees. There's no doubt I've improved in my six times to the mountains this season. Before I started up again, it had been more than three years since I had been on a board (I lived in Kansas) and even when I was going in the winter in California, it was a few times every year. I fell a lot even then. I forgot how badly my feet can hurt until I got cramps in my toes to the point of tears. There were also laughs, hoots of joy and smooth rides down the run.

What I've learned is firstly, getting old is tough. My muscles hate me after a day of runs. I crave pizza and I need a hot pad. And secondly, relearning something you were once semi-good at is humbling. It's teaching me how to not be so hard on myself, to let go of fears and have fun (and patience) in the process. So here's to another weekend of progress.

My amateur tip? Learn how to service your own board. I paid $15 and waited 24 hours to have my bindings mounted at REI, where I saw how simple it was. So after deciding I'm more comfortable with a more centered mount, I decided to do it myself the second time around. I debriefed with a video before I took the screwdriver to the bindings.

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